• Product index:

    • 〦 High security:Obtained many tests and certifications of GB/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC/CE

    • 〦 Long service life:The cycle life of single battery is more than 3000 times(1C, 100% DOD)

    • 〦 Energy density:the energy density of multiple single cell is above 160Wh/kg

    • 〦 Low temperature performance:battery cell owns superior discharge performance at -20oC, can release 80% of the battery capacity

    • 〦 Consistency:Full-range online monitoring, closed-loop control of some key processes

    • 〦 Traceability:Through the MES system, the entire process data of each cell can be traced back

    Single cell parameters

    Square aluminum case battery
    Rated capacity:86~300Ah
    Voltage range:3.65~2.50V
    Cycle life:1500~6000cycle

  • Product index:

    • 〦 Safety:Multi-angle simulation analysis, BMS safety design and adequate safety verification ensure the safety of the final product

    • 〦 Reliability:Fully tested key materials, repeated verification of design solutions, and adequate data support to ensure overall product reliability

    • 〦 Adaptability:rational design, optimized control strategy, to make superior high and low temperature performance, and improve adaptability at different environments

    • 〦 Modularization:Research and develop a variety of group technologies, modules achieve higher production integration, and can be more suitable for mass production

    • 〦 Lightweight:Select lightweight, high-strength substrate and confirm by simulation calculation to increase energy density

    • 〦 Big data:the data application layer development based on monitoring platform, can realize battery health monitoring, fault warning, etc.

    Application field

    Providing high-quality "environmental new energy solutions" for the industry

    • Pure electric bus

      Reduce oil consumption, improve energy efficiency
      reduce operating costs, and improve economic efficiency
    • Pure electric special vehicle

      Improve economic efficiency, effectively reduce operating costs
      and service maintenance costs
    • Pure electric forklift

      Effectively extend the service life, reduce the cost of use, reduce the
      number of maintenance
    • Micro electric car

      High-quality battery management technology and battery assembly technology
      ensure high energy density and maximize vehicle's performance
    • Electric sightseeing car

      Increase driving mileage and improve economic efficiency
      Save energy and reduce harmful gas emissions
    • Rail traffic

      Improve safety and reliability
      Ensure stable operation of rail vehicles and equipment
    • Electric ship

      Improve economic performance and environmental protection
      Reduce operating costs and maintenance costs
    • Aviation sector

      Further meet the power needs of a new generation of multi-electric civil aircraft
      reduce the weight of aircraft, etc.
  • Product index:

    • 〦 High conversion efficiency:system conversion efficiency is greater than 88%

    • 〦 Long cycle life:5000 times / 8 years or more

    • 〦 Short response time:anti-island response time 50ms, real-time power dynamic response time 60ms, Network protection? detection time 20-40ms

    • 〦 Easy to installation:standard container design, easy to transport, install and maintain management

    • 〦 Green and environmental protection:high-safety, long-life lithium iron phosphate?cell,free of heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic, non-polluting

    Application field

    Providing high-quality "environmental new energy solutions" for the industry

    • Power generation side - new energy consumption

      Reduce "abandonment of wind, abandonment of light" and
      smooth the output fluctuation of new energy generation
    • Power generation side - auxiliary AGC

      Maintain safe and stable operation of the power system to
      ensure power quality
    • Grid side - peak-shaving energy storage

      Improve equipment utilization, adjust load demand
      delay capacity-increasing pressure
    • User side - industrial and commercial energy storage

      Peak and valley price spread profit
      off-peak power consumption
    • User side - household energy storage

      Improve economy
      save electricity costs
    • User side - IDC data center

      Emergency power supply to
      ensure uninterrupted power supply
    • User side - communication base station

      Modular design and maintenance
      low installation cost
    • Integrated smart energy

      Improve terminal energy efficiency
      through scheduling between?energy sources
  • Single cell

  • Power system

  • Energy storage system